The Institute for American Musical Theatre (IAMT) is a highly esteemed performing arts training institution located in New York City. With a focus on musical theatre, IAMT offers the most comprehensive and rigorous training program in the country for aspiring performers.

IAMT's faculty consists of top industry professionals with extensive experience on Broadway and in television and film, who are dedicated to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this competitive industry.

The curriculum at IAMT is designed to give students a well-rounded education in all aspects of musical theatre, including acting, singing, dancing, as well as film and TV. Students receive individualized attention and coaching to develop their unique talents and strengths, while also gaining a deep understanding of the history and traditions of the art form.

In addition to classroom instruction, IAMT offers a variety of performance opportunities for students to showcase their skills, including fully staged productions, IAMT New Works, and end of semester concerts. IAMT also provides extensive networking opportunities, allowing students to meet and connect with industry professionals and casting directors.

Overall, IAMT is a highly respected institution that provides a comprehensive and unparalleled training experience for aspiring musical theatre performers. Our graduates are well-equipped to pursue successful careers in the performing arts and have gone on to perform on Broadway, in national tours, cruise ship, TV shows, Hollywood films and major regional theatres across the country and internationally.

This is a post-secondary program. We encourage applications from any student completing their senior year of high school, or over 18, though there is no specific age requirement. We also accept transfer applications from students currently in a BFA or other training program. There is no academic requirement (GPA, testing, etc.) We simply require all students to be passionate about their art and committed to participating in a community around that art.

We do not currently offer a student visa option for international students.

In extremely unusual circumstances, we have admitted younger students with exceptional talent.

You may choose to audition in-person or online. We follow a rolling audition schedule that opens in September and continues until the incoming class is full. All auditions require:

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Letter of performance recommendation
  • Letter of academic/character recommendation
  • $80 application fee

We host two auditions in New York, and we travel around the country for industry events. The full schedule and sign-up can be found in our Portal once you begin an application. For students who audition in-person, you will be asked to:

  • introduce yourself and your goals
  • sing 2 contrasting 32-bar cuts
  • participate in a dance call

For students who audition online, you'll need to submit:

  • 2 singing videos
  • 1 wildcard video
  • 1 dance videos (optional)

Our tuition is $15,000 / semester. This is inclusive of all fees and other charges payable to IAMT, but does not include housing. Many students receive talent-based scholarships which can reduce their tuition costs. This is determined through the audition process.

Please note that our program does not qualify for traditional student financial aid or payment from 529 plans.

While enrolled, we do offer a choice of payments plans:

  • Semester payments - full tuition is due at the beginning of each semester
  • Monthly payments - tuition is split evenly over each month you are enrolled

We do not offer dorm-style housing. Students typically find apartments in upper Manhattan or in New Jersey so that the studios are accessible by subway. We partner with a handful apartment brokers to provide students with suitable accommodations to match their budget.

We also help connect students who are looking for roommates to decrease housing costs. You can expect to pay between $800 to $2000 per month for housing, depending on location, number of roommates, and level of amenities.

In a traditional 4-year BFA program, students will typically participate in a senior showcase which, depending on the reputation of the institution, might be attended by a handful of managers and casting directors. Students will have at most a couple of numbers (and some might only have a couple of lines) to make an impression.

We do things differently at IAMT.

Our second-year students participate in what we call Agent April. Every day in the month of April, we invite a manager, casting director, or talent agent to watch auditions. That gives our students dozens of chances to refine their audition performances and land the next step in their career.

IAMT is not accredited. We have made the intentional decision to avoid accreditation because we do not offer a degree (though we do give graduates a Certificate of Completion). We have considered the implications of looking more like "traditional" education, but it would not only increase the cost of the program, but also reduce the number of hours we would be able to devote to training.

We understand that many students want to purse performing arts training while also obtaining a bachelor's degree. That is not our approach. We cater to the students who cannot imagine pursing anything other than their training and career.

Consider, a top-rated 4-year BFA program could cost almost $500,000 after all expenses are included. And it's only after paying that amount that you can begin your career, probably after moving to New York and starting your networking from scratch.

At IAMT, on the other hand, in one year and for $30,000, you will be able to determine whether you have the potential to succeed in this industry, and even more importantly, whether you truly want to.

If it sounds like IAMT is what you've been looking for, congratulations!! There are a few different things you can do next:


We understand that without traditional student loans, our program is difficult for many families to afford. We hope to offer financing options with payment schedules longer that two years, but cannot do so yet.

We've had students find successful financing through:

  • Personal loans - your family bank or credit union is generally the best place to start
  • Interest-free credit cards - with sufficiently high credit, long interest-free periods can help delay costs
  • Local arts scholarships - get in touch with the arts promotion organizations and ask if they have any scholarships available

For qualified students in need, we also offer a very small number of work-study opportunities.



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